Ohio Digital Learning School Policies

The following policies have been adopted by the Board of Directors of Ohio Digital Learning School (“School”), a community school established under Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3314, to govern the operations of the School. The School reserves the right to make changes at any time at its sole discretion and without advance notification.

Table of Contents

Section 100 Governance
Section 200 Student and Program
Section 300 Health and Safety


101 Code of Regulations [PDF]
102 Code of Ethics/Conflict of Interest Policy [PDF]
103 Board Meeting Notification Policy [PDF]
104 Board Member Attendance Policy [PDF]
105 Public Participation Policy [PDF]
106 Public Records Policy, including Records Retention Schedule [PDF]
107 Media & Public Relations Policy [PDF]
108 Fiscal Policies and Procedures [PDF]
   *Grant Funds; Fixed Asset, Procurement
109 Educator Misconduct Policy [PDF]
110 Whistleblower and Fraud Reporting Policy [PDF]
111 Board Member Compensation Policy [PDF]
112 Board Member Background Check [PDF]
113 Credit Card Policy [PDF]
114 FTE True-Up Policy [PDF]
115 Intentionally left blank
116 Intentionally left blank
117 Fundraising Policy [PDF]

Student and Program Policies

201 Mission Statement [PDF]
202 Philosophy/Vision Statement [PDF]
203 Non-Discrimination Policy [PDF]
204 Admission and Enrollment Policy [PDF]
    (including residency and open-enrollment)
205 Homeless Student Policy [PDF]
      Homeless Student Policy Addendum 1- Written Notification of Decision [PDF]
      Homeless Student Policy Addendum 2- Appeal [PDF]
206 Missing Children Policy [PDF]
207 Attendance/Truancy/Withdrawal [PDF]
208 Academic Prevention Intervention Policy [PDF]
209 Special Education Policy [PDF]
210 Child Find [PDF]
211 Section 504 / ADA Policy [PDF]
212 Acceleration Policy [PDF]
213 Anti-Gang Policy [PDF]
214 Anti-Harassment, Intimidation, & Bullying [PDF]
215 Suspension & Expulsion, including permanent exclusion and discipline of disabled students [PDF]
216 Positive Behavior Intervention and Support and Restraint & Seclusion Policy [PDF]  (including seclusion documentation form and restraint documentation form)
217 Parent Involvement Policy (Title I and otherwise) [PDF]
218 Right to Know Teacher Qualifications [PDF]
219 Complaint Policy & Procedure [PDF]
220 Student Records Policy (including non-disclosure of directory information) [PDF]
221 Personal Information System [PDF]
222 Technology & Internet Policy [PDF]
223 Intentionally Left Blank
224 Intentionally Left Blank
225a Financial Literacy Standards for Policy [PDF]
225 Financial Literacy Policy [PDF]
226 College Credit Plus Policy [PDF]
227 Credit Flexibility [PDF]
228 Code of Conduct [PDF]
229 Intentionally Left Blank
230 Intentionally Left Blank
231 Testing Policy [PDF]
232 Career Advising Policy [PDF]
233 Student Promotion and Retention Policy [PDF]
234 Teacher Evaluation Policy [PDF]
235 Student in Foster Care [PDF]
236 Intentionally left blank
237 Graduation Policy [PDF]
238 Policy for Students at Risk of Not Qualifying for High School Diploma [PDF]

Health and Safety

301 Protective Eyewear [PDF]
302 Bloodborne Pathogen Control Policy [PDF]
303 Chicken Pox Epidemic Policy [PDF]
304 Food Allergy Policy [PDF]
305 Medication Policy [PDF]
306 Search Policy [PDF]
307 Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Policy [PDF]
308 Corporal Punishment Policy [PDF]
309 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse Policy [PDF]