Letter from Our Head of School

Dear Students and Families,

Ohio Digital Learning School (ODLS) is excited to welcome you and your family. We are an online public high school that combines K12's interactive curriculum with experienced teachers to provide a high quality education.

Our focus is helping students recover credits and overcome obstacles to successfully complete high school and be prepared for careers and college. We provide opportunities to recover credits through block scheduling and credit recovery courses. Students can take advantage of career counseling and exploration through weekly sessions and courses. In addition, we provide targeted academic intervention to address learning gaps.

Our motto this year is "Find your PATH." PATH stands for persistence, ambition, talent, and heart. We believe that our purpose is to help students discover what they want in life and provide them with the tools to accomplish their goals. Our teachers and staff are passionate about serving students. We are here for every step of the high school journey to provide instruction, encouragement, and holistic support.

We know that choosing the right school is not a decision to be taken lightly. We encourage you to learn more about our program and its benefits. We are here to assist you in this exciting endeavor. On behalf of all of us at ODLS, we look forward to welcoming you to our community.


Kate Harkless
Head of School