Testing and Assessment FAQs

What tests will my teen be required to take?

Students who are enrolled at Ohio Digital Learning School (ODLS) are required to take the following tests:

  • Course lesson assessments
  • Course unit assessments
  • Semester assessments
  • Ohio-mandated state testing

Ohio-mandated testing includes:

AssessmentOhio’s State TestsStar TestingACT Testing
Subject Areas AssessedAmerican History, American Government, Algebra I, Biology, English Language Arts I, English Language Arts 2, and GeometryMathematics and ReadingEnglish, mathematics, reading, and science
Purpose of AssessmentAssess content area knowledge from these courses to ensure students have met the competency requirements for graduationAssess prior knowledge in mathematics and reading to differentiate instruction for students; measure student growth throughout the school year; early screening for targeted Title I support in mathematics and readingGiven to all students in 11th grade to measure college readiness
Required ByThe state of OhioThe state of Ohio for schools designated as a Dropout Prevention and Recovery schoolThe state of Ohio
FrequencyGiven in December and MarchGiven in three windows each school year, Fall, Winter, and SpringGiven in March

Students are also required to participate in:

  • Online synchronous sessions with the teacher
  • Phone conferencing with the teacher

Will my teen have to participate in state testing?

Yes. As public school students, all ODLS students must participate in all state-mandated testing. This is a mandatory requirement.