Adult 22+ Diploma Program

Earn Your Diploma Your Way

It’s Never too Late for Learning

Ohio Digital Learning School’s (ODLS’s) Adult 22+ Diploma Program gives you the opportunity to complete the requirements for a high school diploma. It doesn’t matter how long ago you left school, at what point, or for whatever reason.

How does it work?

The 22+ Adult HSD Program helps adults earn a high school diploma. The program is free to adults who are over 22 years old, living in Ohio, and do not have a diploma or a GED.

Our 22+ program will work with the adult learners 1:1 to develop individual plans to identify the courses and assessments needed to graduate and earn a diploma. Our program is virtual so students can work at their own pace and their courses are available 24/7. Students have two years to meet their diploma requirements. Enrollment is always open for this program.

Adult student with headphones image

Program Features

The ODLS Adult 22+ Diploma Program includes:

  • Initial assessment and evaluation of past credits earned
  • Work/life credit assessment
  • Easy-to-access online credit recovery courses
  • Full credit electives
  • Flexible scheduling to help with work/life balance
  • Support from Ohio-certified teachers
  • Customized student success plan